{Wedding} Death Valley, California

It’s been awhile since we have posted, but we thought this Leap Day wedding was a great opportunity to share! Lynnae and I recently had the opportunity to photograph an adventurous and unique wedding in Death Valley National Park, California. We weren’t totally sure what we were getting into (no cell reception, a new place, etc.) but we planned well and everything worked out perfectly!

We hiked over a mile from the parking lot to the location of the ceremony. The sun shone down and our moods were high. There were 6 of us: Bride, Groom, Witness 1, Witness 2, Photographer, and Officiant.

Hike in

When we were sure we had found the right side trail, the group ventured a bit more and found “the spot”. There was little time before we would lose our light. The Groom tuned up the guitar. The Bride made sure the men had their boutonnieres. For this wedding, I had a unique opportunity to officiate while Lynnae took the reigns on photography. Everyone had a special role for this intimate wedding.


Lynnae adds, “The Bride and the Groom wrote and prepared a special song. Between the song, the hand-written vows, and Dave’s heartfelt words; there was not a dry eye in the canyon. After the ceremony, many pictures were taken and hugs exchanged. It was a beautiful expression of love and commitment.”
Wedding song!

With such amazing landscape in every direction, we didn’t know which way to face for pictures!

Bride and Groom

We did manage to get one group shot by using the guitar case as a tripod.
Group Shot!!

Congrats to the happy couple! We wish you well in your journey of love!! Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your special day!!

Bride and Groom

Stay tuned for more adventures of David and Lynnae…

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